Corporate Outline

Name of    representative President Hisaki Nishi
Establishment Jun ,1969
Location 923-1267
Chi-2 Hitotsuya Kawakitamachi, Nomi-gun, Ishikawa-ken Japan
TEL / FAX TEL (81)76-277-1333 FAX (81)76-277-1340
Business Nature Electronic products, information apparatus manufacturing and selling, and trade
Capital 30,000,000 JPY
The number of employees 500 names (as of Oct. 2005 included a Over sea Factory)
Correspondent bank The Hotsukoku Bank, the Hokuriku Bank, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi

Enterprise object
In order to meet the oversea relocation of the industrial world,fulfils users'oversea production and to comply with the needs of overseas procurement. On the basis of the peculiar technology accumulationed until now with the flexible production organizing by domestic and overseas, ensured consumer is provided with the products which are high quality, best price and accuracy on delivery. It is believing that we would contribute to the economy of the located country and the development of culture.

Main customer company

Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd
SANYOmedia tech incorporated company Nichiden industry Co., Ltd 
Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd Victor Company of Japan, Limited
Matsushita Electronic Components Co., Ltd. (Order of the Japanese syllabary)

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